5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Performance Coach

Written by on November 13, 2018

Hiring a coach can be a very powerful and rewarding experience. To make the most of the experience, here are 5 things you should consider.

80% of success in coaching is from the client, 20% is from the coach

At the end of the day, the client (you) must be open to input, change and willing to do the work. The best coach in the world won’t matter if you don’t take action.

Hire the best coach you can afford and if you can’t afford them, find a way to

You will get out of coaching what you put into coaching. The reality is that the higher the cost of coaching, the more committed the client will be and the greater results that will be achieved. This is the primary reason that free coaching or coaching for trade does not work.

Check for alignment with their coaching system 

Review the coaching program, their system, process, etc… Does this align and cover all areas you can think of — that you are in need of coaching on?

Commit to the unexpected growth

All coaching (business or personal) comes with personal growth, usually in unexpected and amazing ways.

Trust your gut

Getting clarity on your instinct & gut read on the coaching program you are considering can be a challenge because of the very nature of coaching. The sole purpose of coaching is to create growth and forward movement. And forward growth and movement will push you past your comfort zone => thus creating a negative emotional reaction for most people. A comfort zone is what is says it is, a place of comfort. Moving past it often creates discomfort that can show up in many ways: fear, doubt, resistance, blame, judgement, etc… the best way to determine what your guts is saying to ask yourself this question: If I remove fear / negative emotion that is surfacing in my decision process about hiring a coach, what would my gut instinct say?