80% of Success is probably Missing from your Game Plan

It’s very simple actually. Success is 80% mindset & 20% mechanics. They key to accelerated success in life or business comes down to an acceleration in your mindset in life or business. This is not an acceleration of new strategies, it’s an evolution of identity, an evolution of who you are.

The main challenge is that the brain is a powerful computer and is always looking for answers. No matter what you do the brain is always looking and searching for a solution. The only drawback with this is that the brain is not asking the right question. It continues to ask a question you do not know the answer to. Asking it over and over again doesn’t get to the answer. Asking your husband, wife, partner,  friend, or neighbor the answer is not going to make a difference.  The answer needs to come from within you.

The faster you can evolve your mindset, the faster you can grow.

The key to mindset evolution and finding the answer (you don’t know the answer to) is by asking an identity based question that will shift the level of thinking.

Let’s start by learning about where ideas, thoughts & strategies come from.  The level of thinking you are operating from (mindset) => determines the strategies you are capable of thinking and the level of energy that to execute them. If you are in a positive, focused, productive state you will generate positive strategies with energy to execute them. If you are in a negative, dis-empowered state you will generate poor (not new) strategies ideas and little if any action to execute on them.

Ways to expand your mindset:

  • Imagine you already achieved the result, as yourself how you did it.
  • Think of a mentor or someone you can think of that has already achieved the result you want, ask yourself:
    • What they would do if they were in your position?
  • Ask yourself,
    • Who do I need to become in order to know how to accomplish it now?
    • Check your beliefs:
      • What do I currently believe about accomplishing it now?
      • What would I have to believe about accomplishing it now – in order to accomplish it now?
    • What would be the simpliest way to make it happen now?
    • What if you could make the impossible possible, for just 1 day?
  • Check for past references:
    • When was a time in my past when I achieved somethign i thought was impossible?
      • How did I do it?
      • What did i believe?
  • Talk to a coach to ask you powerful questions and guide you to your next evolution of mindset.


To create complete game plan, always include expanding your mindset into the equation. And remember, companies, departments & teams also have a collective mindset that might need to be shifted as well.