Are Secondary Goals Holding you Back?

Written by on June 24, 2019

What is if the key to hitting your big goal, is to hit your secondary goal first?

You probably have multiple areas of your life with secondary goals that you have not achieved yet. This could be due to not making a decision to hit the goal or you have not experienced enough discomfort to make it a must. Could it be possible that acceptance of something you do not want – is impacting your ability to get what you want most? After all we must consider that full alignment towards a goal is the key to achieving it.

Let’s put focus on a secondary goal(s) now that doesn’t get a lot of attention in order to bring yourself into alignment and create a stronger pattern off hitting goals.

Identify the shift

  • What area(s) of your life or business have you become comfortable with (even though it’s not the way you want it to be)?
  • What area(s) of your life have you wanted to be different for a long time – but don’t experience enough pain to push thru and make the transition permanent?
  • What is this really costing you by living with acceptance of something that is less than you are capable of?
    • Is it impacting your standards?
    • Is it impacting your potential?
  • What 3 positive benefits in your life would you realize by making this shift now (that you previously have never thought of)?

Your Tools

You have more tools at your disposal than you’re currently using.  You can push, relax, flow, accept, grind, leverage, let go, etc.  Hitting goals isn’t always about pushing and grinding thru.  Why not use this moment as an opportunity to achieve a wanted goal in the way most appropriate to achieving it?  Expand your power and awareness to see how easily you can make the shift happen.

The Plan

Now that you’ve identified the shift  you want to make permanent, how do you want to make it happen? Sometimes the is an emotional block that needs to be processed / relieved in order to achieve the goal.

The key is in balance, knowing when to push, when to relax, when to flow, when to accept the present and when to grind.

  1. Do you need to push thru?
  2. Do you need to relax?
  3. Do you need to flow with what naturally wants to happen?
  4. Do you need to accept a part of this before letting go of the old or embracing the new?
  5. Do you need to grind?
  6. Do you need to ask for or accept help?

I’m here if you need assistance.

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