Are you Resisting Success?

Written by on July 1, 2019

Most people spend their time focusing on the actions and goals they want to accomplish.  This is normal. As an achiever, it probably consumes most of your proactive time.  But here is a powerful question you may want to consider => in order to create success at an even faster rate:

Am I resisting the success I’m going after?

Yes, this sounds like a crazy question, let’s do a quick check in to make sure you’re aligned.

Why this is so important?

Being is more important than doing. Inner game determines the external game you can run. External game determines the results you will align with and receive.  Aligning your inner game is the most powerful part of creating consistent growth and success.

How this shows up:

  • Thoughts that are contradictory to hitting your target
  • Expectations of anything less than your target
  • Justification of missing your target
  • Expectation / justification of a longer timeline to hit the target
  • Even budgeting your finances based on incoming bills – is an exercise in a limited mindset because energetically its saying “this is all that is coming in”

What to do:

Inner game alignment is a subtle process that you can master with focus and attention. To uncover if you have resistance to your success (or target) do this:

  1. Where am I feeling any resistance or negative emotion about hitting my target?
  2. Where do I fear success?
    1. If you don’t get an answer ask: If I did fear success, what would it be?
  3. What is the downside of hitting my goal?
  4. Do I love every part of hitting this big target?
  5. If I had a magic wand, what part of this achieving this goal would I change? How would I change it?


At the end of the day it’s about being open to what life can bring you.  It only takes 1 phone call to land the biggest deal of your life. It only takes a moment for something new and amazing to come into your life.  In these moments of expansion that can feel uncomfortable, just breathe and breathe again as you feel yourself expand. This is part of your natural process.  Breathe, expand, allow, receive.

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