Who is Jason Drees?

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Jason Drees is a professional coach, catalyst, game-changer, multiple business owner & mindset transformation specialist.

With a diverse background spanning multiple industries over the last 23 years, Jason has consistently been a powerful source of transformation and inspiration in the people & companies he meets. What sets coaching with Jason Drees apart from other coaches is his natural ability to immediately identify the greatest dormant, unused strengths within you and align you with unlocking its full potential. Add to that over 10,000 coaching sessions delivered over the past 6 years with a highly intuitive and personalized approach, coaching with Jason is an experience that will transform not just the results you create in life but will expand the richness & fulfillment you live each day with.

Benefits of Performance Coaching

Read about all of the benefits of performance coaching from a list Brandon Turner himself made!

Determine values, vision, purpose

Set long and short-term goals

Sort through potential opportunities

Keep you focused on your top priorities

Keep you focused on your top priorities

Asking the right questions to shift the way your thinking

Identify limiting beliefs and patterns

Help you achieve a better work-life balance

Amplify your results by helping you identify your key

Help shift your perspective and identity

Offer tools and strategies for improvement

Minimize fear, guilt, and worry

Help navigate when things go wrong

Gives you someone to complain to

Call you out on your BS

Helps you remember to celebrate your wins

Client Testimonials

Hear from Brandon Turner and others on how Jason Drees Coaching Transformed their life!

“I’m a coach and I don’t know how he does it, within 48 hours of our call, I landed another $25k in business”

- Kamahl Barhoush

“In only 2 weeks, I was able to move projects forward with relative ease that will result in over six figures in income for me.”

- Kirk Jaffe