Coaching is a powerful tool that can help you turn a good life into a great life, turn a good business into an outstanding business. Coaching will bring to your life:

Set Clear Outcomes

It’s always surprising to me how many people run their lives using to do lists. The same to do lists that never get done and always make you feel stressed, like you’re never getting enough done. To get what you what most in life or business, you only need to do a fraction of what you think must be done.  Learning how to determine what the real target actually is, what is an absolute must and what is optional – will bring one of the most transformation benefits to your life from coaching.

The key to consistent accelerated growth, is how quickly and continuously you can evolve your mindset.

Gain Control over your Time

As you get older, it may feel like time is speeding up.  There is always more to do and never enough time to get it done.  Coaching will help solve this issue and create more free time for you than you ever thought possible.  20 hour work week? Would you like that? What about golf once a week? Or a weekly date night with your partner?  Effective use of your time is a game changer.

Identify New Perspectives & Strategies

Ever get stuck?  In a rut unable to come up with new ideas?

Powerful Feedback just for you.

Would you like honest, direct feedback without judgement?  It’s a wonderful gift when you first experience it.  Unfortunately, as well intention-ed as your friend or neighbor is, they are usually giving you feedback from their perspective – from their model of the world, which isn’t always applicable to you.

Coaching provides feedback from the perspective that anything you want is possible and you have complete power to make it possible.

Transform your Personal & Business Mindset

Success is 80% mindset, 20% mechanics. Ever been stuck and have no idea what to do? We’ve all been there. We’ve also all had times where we had massive breakthroughs (a radical shift in perspective) that was a total game changer.  Would you like to have more breakthroughs? New business ideas? New purpose in life? New type of relationship?  They all involve a shift in mindset.

Is your business or team stuck at the same level? All businesses reach plateaus. And all businesses have a collective mindset, even each department in your business has a collective mindset. If you want to accelerate your business, then you need to evolve the collective mindset of your team. Hands down, coaching is the best way to evolve individual or team mindset.

How does Coaching Work?

Jason Drees Coaching is phone based coaching and the typical client coaches about 90 – 120 minutes per month over 2 – 4 calls.  Would you like weekly accountability to get moving?  Then start with weekly 30 minute calls to begin. Feel like you’re hitting your stride after a few months of coaching? Great, then shift to 2 x 45 min calls per month.

Does a Coach have to be an Expert in your Field?

Remember, coaching is 80% mindset & 20% mechanics.  A powerful coach can make a profound impact on any clients that want coaching…  Is Coach Phil Jackson a better basketball player than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. No, he isn’t. But Coach Jackson is outstanding at developing a winning game plan and bringing out the best in his players. That is the kind of value and expertise your coach will bring to your life. Your coach will become a trusted friend who wants and expects the best from you -and who will challenge you to perform at your best.

What does it take to be Successful in Coaching?

The prime ingredient in successful coaching, is willingness to be open and coach-able. To take the action needed to move from point A to point B.

Mentoring vs Coaching

Mentoring is a powerful tool you should have in your arsenal. But’s it different than coaching.  Mentors are experts in the strategies (mechanics) in achieving a target that you want to achieve. The biggest challenge with getting strategies from a mentor is that they are often providing high level strategies – that may not be possible for you to execute on, because you might not have the same level of mindset (in that given area). And unfortunately, you can only run a strategy that matches the level of mindset needed to run it.

Coaches are experts in helping evolve the mindset of the individual so the solution comes from within.  Remember, success is 80% mindset & 20% mechanics. And yes, I know it’s been said before. The reason it’s being repeated is that this concept can be hard to grasp as all humans are doers – programmed to look for things to do. When you fully grasp the power mindset evolution, your life will change overnight.