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Do the Impossible Workshop

Simplify your life and double your income in 2023

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Break Free from a 40 hour work week 

You don't have to work 5 days a week to get what you want, you're just conditioned to. 


Create the life you want on your terms. Yes, it's possible, but you've got to make some clear decisions & changes to break free from your old conditioning.  This event is created specifically to help you create your unique formula for doubling your results in 2023 in half the time so you can: 

  • Escape the 40 hour work week 
  • Break free from guilt when you are not working 
  • Get your life into balance the way you want









Craft Your Unique Formula to Double Your Income in Half the Time  

Most people don't believe it's possible to double your results in half the time, because they don't know how. Just because you don't know how doesn't mean it's not possible. In fact, for the first time ever at a JDC Event, Jason will deliver a unique experience and new content to show you how to achieve everything you want to: 

  • get clarity on what you really want 
  • reassess your life priorities and get aligned
  • discovery of your primary problem (personally and in business) & the skills needed to solve it
  • create confidence in any situation 
  • level up your mindset and unlock your unlimited financial mindset
  • increase business output and cut working hours
  • create consistent and permanent habits, that align with your values
  • set boundaries to keep you sane and uncover any resistance to your happiness


Do the Impossible Workshop to Simplify Your Life & Double Your Income in 2023

March 2 - 4 in Austin, TX


Goal setting meets advanced mindset training in a jam-packed, 3-day event designed to set you up for success in 2023. 

40 People

Mastermind alongside entrepreneurs, investors, and executives all aligned in being the “exceptions” of the next Recession.

1 Outcome

Leave the event with a personalized success roadmap guiding you to execute against your newly discovered goals

What to Expect:  

  • Collaborative, workshop-style sessions led by Jason 

  • High-Performing attendees who will challenge your perception of what’s possible

  • An actionable plan customized to your 2023 success roadmap

  • Not-awkward networking

  • Opportunities to immerse yourself in an amazing community that will have a lasting impact on you

Day 1 |

Purpose, Passion & Mastermind to Architect Your Life

The purpose of life is to live it, not just work.  This session will be focused on renewing your connection with your life and everything in it.  It's one major component of success that most people miss.  In fact, it’s not just a component of success. It's the most significant overlooked success accelerator. You'll learn to uncover & remove old limiting patterns creating unwanted resistance. You'll Reset your compass with the life you want right now, by getting realigned with your purpose and mission. Connect, brainstorm, mastermind, and immerse yourself with the amazing JDC attendees and community. This community will have a lasting impact on you. 


Day 2 |

Double Your Income in 2023

Time to level up your financial mindset and not just the earning part of your financial mindset. The leverage part.  We’ll create the mindset, alignment & resources needed to double your income in half the time. This is beyond thinking outside of the box. This is moving into the mindset of reality where boxes don’t exist.  Are you ready for the level of transformation?

Day 3 |

Simplified Execution

Getting stuck in execution?  Then this day is perfect for you.  Jason will share his new process for simplified execution with his new 3’s. Simplify and double your output. You don’t want to miss this. You'll discover and leave with a strategy and plan to create happiness in your life. 

Hi, I’m Jason Drees.


I am the founder and CEO of Jason Drees Coaching and author of Do The Impossible.

In August of 2020, Jason Drees Coaching was just me. I had a thriving 1 on 1 coaching business supporting people like Brandon Turner and countless high net worth individuals around the world in their pursuits of achieving their impossible targets.

At this time, I had finally felt like the success I’d been chasing for years had been achieved, but something inside of me wanted more. Something inside of me felt called to deliver more. I took the content I was sharing with my clients and turned inward – I applied all my coaching concepts to my own life and my own business.

Fast forward 4 months from August of 2020, my business grew revenue by 10X in 120 days. Fast forward a year, my business is on pace to 3X revenue from our all time high at the end of 2020. In August of 2020, Jason Drees Coaching was just Jason. Now JDC is 30+ people. I’ve removed myself operationally from the business and my business continues to grow.

All of this is to say: I’ve been where you are, I’ve arrived at where you’re going, and I want to help you get here.  

I don’t claim to help people create success, nor does anyone on my team. What makes Jason Drees Coaching the most elite performance coaching company in America is that instead of trying to force our clients into success, we remove their barriers to success.

Here's to your success! 

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  • All Sessions & Networking
  • Includes All Event Materials
  • Snacks & Hot/Cold Beverages everyday 
  • Includes Celebration Reception (Saturday, March 4th) 
  • Get a chance to get a ticket to join JDC's first adventure trip July 6th-10th in Baja, CA

Please note that travel, lodging, and meals not listed above are not included in your ticket price. 





  • Includes classic upscale steakhouse in the heart of Austin at the award-winning III Forks Steakhouse
  • Intimate and private experience to gather and connect with Jason 
  • Transportation provided (from and to Sonesta) 

Please note that travel, lodging, and meals are not included in your ticket price. 



Sonesta Bee Cave

Book Your Room Now! This event will be held at the Sonesta Bee Cave. It starts Thursday morning, March 2nd at 8:30 AM and ends Saturday night, March 4th at 7 PM after the Celebration Reception.  We recommend arriving Wednesday night (March 1st) and departing Sunday morning (March 5th) to ensure that you don't miss a minute of this exciting event!

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