Escaping or Relaxing?

Written by on December 2, 2019


We all have done it at one time or another. Grabbed that delicious tub of chocolate Haagen Dazs, drinking, smoking or endlessly scrolling social media to help us unwind and forget about things.

Oh, how we humans can love those buzzes (alcohol, dopamine, etc.) especially at the end of the day when we’ve had enough.

The desire to escape is a very common and normal mechanism we use to pull ourselves into balance. I know I’ve been there many times before. With 4 boys under the age of 8, running my own company, and having my own personal development coach – life can still get challenging and exhausting at times. At the end of the day there’s nothing I want to do more than unplug and stop thinking for a bit.

A little escaping from time to time can be good for you, but even if don’t in a constructive way escaping every day is a clear sign that:


  1. You are operating or living your life in a way that is not healthy, unsustainable and going to lead to burnout or worse, or
  2. You have unresolved emotions, patterns that you might be avoiding dealing with, or
  3. You are out of alignment and spending too much time in resistance, or
  4. Life is pushing you to a higher level and you’re avoiding your true potential and possibly settling for less than you deserve


Consistent patterns of escaping can lead to:

  • Lower standards
  • Less creativity, motivation and inspiration
  • Lower Levels of engagement in life
  • Lack of enjoyment and fulfillment
  • Impatience for others
  • Inability to be present and enjoy life, especially on the weekends without escaping
  • Higher level of physical & chemical addiction, making it difficult to stop


What is the solution to shift out of patterns of consistent escaping?

  1. Physical exercise is great for processing stress, energy, emotions
  2. Make the decision to spend your time relaxing vs escaping.
    1. Go ahead and sit on the couch and watch TV for hours if you want to and go ahead and eat that Haagen Dazs ice cream if you want to but start by being present as you’re doing it take a few breaths and enjoy relaxation.
  3. Sit with the emotions and uncover the reasons you’re having this reaction. Ask yourself:
    1. Why do I feel this way?
    2. What meaning am I giving this?
    3. What better meaning can I give this?
    4. What am I missing right now that’s great about this?
  4. bring this topic up on a personal coaching call and I’ll help you get into alignment

So, with the holidays upon us and all that comes with that, maybe now is the time to make a decision to enjoy yourself regardless of what you’re doing. Any top life coach would advise you to enjoy that holiday meal, enjoy that family that you love and enjoy the relaxation time that you’ve earned.

What you’ll find is that the more presence you bring into your relaxation the less you’ll be compelled to escape with food or other drugs. And the less food and drugs you put in your body, the better you’re going to feel. And the more engaged you are, the more you’ll going to enjoy life more. And being more engaged in life is going to pull you into a greater alignment, increase your capacity, increase your potential and allow life’s magical wonder to flow through you with more ease than ever before. Personal growth coach es can help with this.

As one of the best life coaches in the world would day, life is too short and you’re too amazing to let a small pattern of escapism diminish the amazing life you’ve created.

Reach out if you need it, I’m here to help

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