How to create 6 hours a week of free time

Written by on March 4, 2019

Is time running away from you?  Not making progress on the areas that matter most?

Want to find 6 hours additional time per week? Here’s how:

Realize that you’re never going to get more time. To find 6 hours of additional time per week, you need to make better use of the time you have.
  1. Decide you are going to find 6 hours of additional time per week
  2. Block out at least an hour per week to plan your week in advance
  3. Block out 15 min per day to review & adjust your daily plan
  4. Start thinking in terms of what goals / outcomes you must complete this week
  5. And the big one, split all your goals, results & action items into 2 categories
    1. It MUST be done
    2. It CAN be done (aka optional)
  6. Focus on the MVP (minimum viable product/ result needed to get the result?)
  7. After you’ve got this mastered for 3 weeks, now work on longer term goals
    1. Create 5 top business & 5 top personal goals for the year
    2. Then break them down quarterly => to monthly => to weekly
As human beings during times of pressure or stress, we can often focus on action items that make us feel good, but that don’t necessarily get us any closer to our actual target. It’s an emotional management mechanism.  Give yourself flexibility & leeway to rest when you need to rest & hustle when you need to hustle.

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