How to Prepare for a Coaching Call

Written by on July 24, 2019

One powerful strategy that coaching will bring into your life & business is clear targets & goals. The best way to maximize each coaching call is to have a clear outcome (to the best of your ability) for each coaching call.

The easiest way to get clarity on outcomes for each call is to remember that coaching is about closing the gap between where you are today and where you really want to be. Some great outcomes for coaching calls could be:

– I want to grow my business (or income) by 50% in 12 months
– I want my company to hit it’s true potential
– I want my team to raise their game and transform our clients experience
– I want to have an amazing relationship with my partner
– I want to have abundant health & energy
– I want to feel more happiness, adventure, security, excitement or fun in my life

A word of caution:

A lot of people I’ve worked with have aimed at goals that are lower than they’d actually want. Usually because they’ve been unable to make it happen in the past or they may be thinking a smaller target is easier. Nothing could be more further from the truth. In fact, smaller targets can be more difficult because life does not reward mediocrity.


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