Coaching Methodology

The Jason Drees Coaching System was designed specifically to help our clients create immediate and lasting change in their life and work. We accomplish this by helping clients create alignment with the targets they want most in order to develop and consistently execute on higher level actions & strategies.

All our clients start with a complete, in depth assessment on where you’re at, where you want to go and what’s in your way. This includes a DISC personality assessment and evaluation in order to determine where your personal strengths are and where you soft spots are. We all have soft spots and they are typically the areas that hold us back from creating the life we want most.

During you coaching, your coach will constantly realign you with your ideal targets in order to achieve the best possible results. As your coaching progresses, your coach will start to recognize your patterns of thought, emotion and action and custom tailor your coaching experience in order to realign the patterns that are not in alignment with the targets you are working towards.

In addition to goal setting & action, your coaching will help you create and consistently live in a more powerful state of emotions and being. Which will not only strengthen your confidence, determination and ability to execute at a higher level, but will also create an positive impact on all of those around you. Our clients typically experience a stronger level of commitment, confidence and emotional strength which leads to great results and a total transformation of your life and everything in it.


The most powerful aspect of coaching is mindset. The secret is understanding that 80% of success is mindset & 20% is mechanics.  Mindset is the filter that you view the world thru. It is made up of your beliefs, past references, expectations and that you think is possible.  To hit a higher-level goals, higher-level actions must be taken.  Higher-level actions come from a higher level of thinking. Higher-level mindset.  Everything else follows. Mindset must evolve before the result can appear.


At the end of the day, it’s the action – the strategy that generates the result. As your mindset expands, you will automatically start to see new ideas and strategies you never thought of before or new strategies you now see as possible. Your coach will also assist you in generating new strategies by providing powerful questions and strategies to help you think at higher levels than before.


Knowing what to do is not enough.  A lot of people know what they should be doing. How many times have you known what to do but not actually done it?  Some call it procrastination, others call it laziness. The reality is that inability to execute is actually a mindset issue.  The mindset you’re operating from is unable to execute the actions you want to take.  That’s where coaching comes into play.