Do you have a booming and awesome network or membership program, but are struggling to keep everyone engaged and accountable?

Discover the transformative power of JDC performance and mindset coaching for high-performers and's a game-changer!

Plus, as a JDC Strategic Partner, you can earn a higher affiliate percentage and create a recurring revenue stream 

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Ready to elevate your business to new heights? Look no further than partnering with JDC to create a strategic partnership with a phenomenal on-brand client experience! Offering customizable coaching programs and services for your business or organization - no matter the domain of expertise - you'll see your clientele not only grow but truly flourish.

As a JDC Strategic Partner, you will not only offer exceptional support for group and one-on-one mastermind and membership models but transform your program into an unbeatable powerhouse with proven coaching to take high-performers and entrepreneurs to new heights. We're here to help you develop and provide top-notch services to serve your current client and reach more clients, ensuring they experience the ultimate taste of success. Let the exciting journey begin!

Introducing “The Solution To Your Problem”

Strategic Partner Program powered by JDC

About Program

Get ready for your business to skyrocket with the sensational JDC Strategic Partner Program! This one-of-a-kind experience supercharges your membership and networks with tailor-made coaching packages, all designed to elevate your services into a seamless, awe-inspiring journey for your clients. As a JDC Strategic Partner, you'll enjoy the incredible benefits of a unified client journey, connecting clients, member experiences, and content all within your own spectacular branded community platform.

Joining forces with JDC as a Strategic Partner just got even sweeter! Get ready to upgrade your earning potential with a higher affiliate percentage and a recurring stream of revenue.

About Jason Drees

Jason Drees is an entrepreneur, performance coach, author, husband, and father of four boys based in Austin, Texas. With more than 5,000 hours and 10,000 coaching sessions delivered in his career, Jason has developed a proven framework and process to remove resistance to the success of those he works with to unlock unprecedented results. He has mastered the process of helping clients into alignment to push high-performers and entreprenuers - like Brandon Turner and Matt Onofrio - to their limits and past their comfort zones to catapult their success. No other coach can create accelerated impact, transformation, and results that will allow them to conquer, breakthrough, and overcome past limitations and anything holding them back from their full potential like Jason Drees.


Program Benefits

Enhance your members' journey to greatness today while creating a recurring revenue stream! Our strategic partners have exclusive access to tailored coaching contracts and transformational add-ons, helping your clients reach new heights in their personal and professional life. This is a chance for the ultimate growth experience... a win-win for both businesses and clients. 

What You’ll Get/How It’s Delivered

No Cookie-Cutter Coaching Programs Here

JDC's customized approach offers tailored coaching packages and bonuses to meet the needs of your thriving business. Let our team of experts create customized coaching packages just for you, along with access to our exclusive JDC group programs and services. Plus, personalized bonuses and perks will ensure your clients receive exactly what they need to unleash their full potential. 

Customized 1-on-1 Performance & Mindset Coaching

Get access to JDC's top-notch performance and mindset coaches and services to help your clients transform their mindset for peak and breakthrough success. They will receive accountability and support so they can achieve big results faster, shape their reality, and harness their full human potential. 




Access to Entrepreneur Mindset Academy 

All coaching contracts for this Strategic Partner Program will also get access to Jason Drees Coaching’s popular Entrepreneurial Mindset Academy (E-MSA) for the length of the cleint's coaching contract. Be a part of an exceptional community of high-flyers offering alignment group coaching to develop and master the secrets to growth, and expand your horizons just like Jason Drees and Brandon Turner did. Plus, access to: 

  • Do the Impossible Quick Start Course (over 2 hours of mindset transformation)
  • MONDAYS - Weekly Mindset Reset Zoom calls w/ Jason Drees 10:00 - 10:15am CST *
  • WEDNESDAYS - Weekly Mindset Education & Training calls w/ Jason or a JDC Master Coach 1:00-2:00 pm CST*
  • Quarterly Financial Accelerators - held each quarter, exclusive to JDC Community Members.
  • Access to the E-MSA Manual 
  • Access to all 2022/2023 Mindset Academy content and replays
  • Engaged Entrepreneur Mindset Academy Community of over 1,000 high-performers.

Exclusive Add-Ons Available

Boost your Strategic Partner's offer with our irresistible exclusive add-ons! Elevate your members' experience with added incentives to skyrocket the value they receive. You will be able to offer these special extras for an even more enticing and unforgettable membership and coaching experience!

  • Financial Mindset Accelerator Livestream ($997 value)
  • Step Into Greatness Livestream ($997 value)
  • Q1 Accelerator Workshop: Double Your Income in 2023 & Q2 2023: Entrepreneur Accelerator Workshop (each Accelerator is a 5-Day pre-recorded webinar; $997 value)
  • Create Lasting Success Course w/ Brandon Turner and Jason Drees ($1097 value)

What Sets JDC Coaching Apart?

Jason Drees and his team of elite coaches have mastered the art of helping high-performing entrepreneurs make their impossible targets and massive goals a reality. How? Through mindset and performance coaching, you will get top-notch training, accountability, and personalized support to accelerate not only your business but every aspect of your life. Plus, you'll join a thriving community of like-minded individuals who have conquered, transformed, and overcome past limitations of anything holding them back from success and their full potential. 

Plus, by becoming a JDC Strategic Partner, you will have the power to create a recurring revenue stream. 



Who It's For

Established network groups and membership programs that want to elevate their program and clients to the next level of greatness. The JDC Strategic Partner Program caters to entrepreneurs, investors, business professionals, and anyone who seeks to help others unlock their full potential. Our targeted mindset coaching and engaging with a community of high performers.  Our partnership offers a concrete action plan for winning BIG and achieving new heights through targeted mindset coaching and engaging with a community of high performers.

Who It Isn't For

We're looking for established networks and existing programs helping people who are hungry for growth and who want to push beyond their current limitations and become their best selves. If you're content with the way things are, if you're happy to coast through life without challenging yourself or your business, then this isn't the right fit for you. But if you're ready to take the next step and join a group of like-minded individuals who are committed to personal development, then we'd love to hear from you! Our partner program is all about pushing your client's boundaries and breaking through their barriers.