What if I told you that your ability to make money depends less on your strategy and more on your mindset?


This is the Mindset Academy.

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Weekly Live Sessions

Learn from Jason Drees, Brandon Turner, and incredibly successful guest speakers through scheduled sessions and bonus content.



Elite Community

Immerse yourself and network with hundreds of high performing individuals who are experiencing exponential growth in the program.



Be Coached

Have the opportunity to be coached by Jason Drees in front of others and learn more about what you  can achieve.


If you don’t want it, I can’t help you.

Fact is, I'm only interested in coaching people who truly want it. Who are ready to open themselves up to new frames, mindsets, and perspectives. 

By this point, you are probably thinking of whether or not you should join.

Rather than looking at this as a choice between option A or option B, think about it this way: “If not now, when?”

If you aren’t willing to make today a turning point in your life, then when will you be ready?

Time is the only resource that all of us have in limited quantity. With coaching, I can help you access money, love, and appreciation in boundless abundance. 

But in the end, there are only so many years each of us is given in this lifetime. 

How long do you want to stay stuck on your current path? 

Do you want to risk wasting more time, money, and effort doing things that just aren’t working?

Ask yourself what’s really at stake here. Do you really want to continue down the path of “I’ll do it tomorrow” when leading a rich, fulfilling life is at stake?

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3 Month Commitment

  • Immediate Access to Mindset Academy 
  • Access to the Mindset Academy Slack Community 
  • 2 Mindset Sessions / month with Jason Drees
  • 1 Mentor Session / month with Brandon Turner 
  • 1 Guest, Q&A, or Bonus Session / month
  • 2  Group Coaching Sessions / month (get coached by Jason) 
  • Instant Access to the Mindset Academy Manual - Learn everything you need to know before the live sessions. 
  • Access to replays, recordings, bonus content 
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"I have made a ton of impactful relationships. In fact, the community is just as valuable as the content - which is amazing!"

Amy Ranae Dills

"I recommend Mindset Academy to anyone looking to push the limits; 4 months ago I would've never imagined going from a 9-5 where felt trapped, to doing real estate full time."

John Klingelhoets

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