Brodie Whitney

Master Coach

Brodie Whitney is a Master Coach helping people and teams rapidly close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

Brodie has served as a top coach for the world’s leading coaching organizations including Tony Robbins, Jason Drees, and Knowledge for Men.

“Brodie is a spectacular individual and one of the best coaches you’ll ever meet.” – Marc Von Musser, Director of Coaching, Tony Robbins Results Coaching

What sets Brodie apart from other coaches is his extensive experience, his keen sense of intuition, his ability to understand and reach young adults, and his skill helping owners grow their business and awaken to their true potential so they can achieve their mission, vision, and purpose in life.

Brodie believes that having a personal coach in your corner is the ultimate vehicle for your personal and professional transformation.

In his passion project as Founder/CEO of Facing Dragons, Brodie is making coaching accessible to emerging young adults with the first mobile, mixed-reality AI-life coaching game to help players unlock their purpose and achieve their goals in real life.

Brodie loves to stay fit, get out in nature, and is happily married and father of four, living in beautiful BC, Canada.