Mindset is the difference between success and failure.

Do you want to live in a world of unlimited financial abundance? Are you ready to grow and transform whenever you want? The Jason Drees Mindset Academy, featuring Brandon Turner, will teach you how to unlock your full potential and impact your life in ways you never knew were possible.

Join this exclusive community of over 250 entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and high performing individuals and begin to reach exciting new heights in business and your personal life. Now available year-round, the Mindset Academy includes weekly sessions featuring Jason Drees, Brandon Turner, engaging guest presenters and cutting-edge mindset training tactics, as well as group coaching calls with Jason and access to the new Mindset Academy Slack Channel.

Interested in the Mindset Academy?

JDC Mindset
Academy Community

Members of the JDC Mindset Academy Community are transforming their lives while establishing impactful relationships. They are learning that life and business don’t need to be a struggle, as they watch their bank accounts, portfolios, and net worth grow and their relationships and personal life improve. Joining the MSA Community is a first step to deciding to leave the struggle behind and to flow through life on your unique success path.

Coaching Testimonials

Jason Drees Coaching clients radiate the value and power of our coaching methodology and creating change through a mindset shift. People are expanding their wealth and opportunities, growing their net worth, and realizing their full potential. When we embrace who we really are, we can choose to live in a world of unlimited financial abundance and emotional and physical vitality. Experience the living proof of JDC practices through testimonials from power players such as Brandon Turner, co-host of The BiggerPockets Podcast.