Do the Impossible Quick Start

Total Mindset Transformation in Two Hours

Accelerate Your Success Journey

Create Immediate Transformation

Are you ready to leave your small goals behind?

Are you ready to aim at targets beyond what you think is possible?

Are you ready to uncover tactics and secrets used by successful entrepreneurs to dramatically expand their wealth?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, the Do The Impossible Quick Start is the proven blueprint you need to go big and Do the Impossible! Learn from the tools Jason Drees personal used to grow his business 10x in 4 months.
Through this 10-Step Quick Start, you will get access to decades of experience packaged into 2 transformative hours. 

What is more time, more money, more personal freedom, and more self-acceptance worth to you?

Are You Walking Your Unique Path Of Successful or Average?

This course is for you if any of the following statements are true:

  • You feel like you haven’t reached your full potential.
  • You feel like success has eluded you. 
  • You feel like others are succeeding faster than you.
  • You feel like your endless hard work hasn’t paid off. 
  • You feel like doubt, fear, or lack of confidence is holding you back.
  • You feel like you don’t know how to achieve your goals.
  • You are unhappy with your work. 
  • You feel like there is more for you in life.
  • You realize you are meant for more.
  • You want more money. 
  • You want more time. 
  • You want more freedom. 
  • You are ready to stop having success pass you by. 
  • You are ready to achieve huge goals. 
  • You are ready to explore new meanings of life. 
  • You are ready for radical transformation.
  • You are done being complacent. 
  • You are ready to Do The Impossible.

Inside the Course

Brandon Turner's Take on the Course!




Do the Impossible Quick Start

Experience Transformation

Principles Worth Millions for Just $47

The principles covered in this course have helped Jason Drees Coaching clients generate millions of dollars in revenue, income, and equity. 

These clients pay Jason thousands of dollars per month for 1 on 1 coaching, but now, you can gain access to his insights through this course for just $47. 

2 hours of your time and $47. Are you ready to stop watching everyone win big from the sidelines? Are you ready to have your own enormous wins?

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"I'd recommend the Mindset Academy to anyone looking to push the limits of what's possible. Four months ago I would have never imagined going from a 9-5 job where felt trapped, to doing real estate full time."

John Klingelhoets

"It's like a utopia of business and growing - people genuinely want you to succeed and will actively assist you. The combination of the program and community is incredibly powerful for personal and business growth.

Sharron Guiro

Who is Jason Drees

Jason Drees is a husband, father of four boys, entrepreneur, and performance coach based in Austin, Texas. With over 5,000 hours & more than 10,000 coaching sessions delivered in his career, Jason has an uncanny ability to rewire the mindsets of those he works with to unlock unprecedented results. His gift for helping people access untapped strength and success has resulted in a coaching methodology that is more valuable than ever.

As a mindset transformation specialist, Jason uses his diverse background spanning multiple industries and decades to truly connect with clients. Jason is highly intuitive with a natural ability for immediately identify people’s greatest dormant, unused strengths. He has channeled this gift, his personalized approach, and his extensive coaching experience into the development of the Jason Drees Coaching methodology and coach training. Jason’s ever-expanding understanding of the power of mindset is unlocking the full potential of his clients and inspiring extraordinary growth in all areas of their lives.

You may not believe it yet but achieving all that you want is as simple as making the decision to embrace all that you are. Are you ready to move beyond stuck and into success? Whether you seek more time, more freedom, or more money, the Do The Impossible Mini Course will help you find your unique path to success.

Learn From Jason

Why $47?

Think of anything you’ve gotten for free. A free book, a free webinar, a free course. How much value did you derive? How much did that information stick with you? How much impact did it have?

If you want results, you need skin in the game. To have skin in the game, there needs to be an exchange of value. Why did we choose $47? Because if you’re serious about success, $47 won’t stand in the way. Brandon Turner thinks this course should be hundreds of dollars, but we want these results to be universally accessible. Are you ready to put some skin in the game?

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What is the outcome?

At the end of this course you will have the tools, information, motivation, and most importantly the mindset to go out and achieve your impossible goals.