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Mindset Academy Foundation

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Why Mindset Matters. 

Has success eluded you? Do you continue to push harder and harder without reaping the rewards of your efforts?  Do you feel like success flows through others but not through you?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, stop and breathe. Your past is not indicative of your future. Your mindset is indicative of your future. 

Doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs hold us back from creating the life we truly desire. But in reality, those feelings are just indicators of misalignment - misalignment that can be easily corrected through the power of mindset to architect your future. 

Harnessing this power allows you to create success faster, live life happier, and control your outcomes like never before. If you believe there is more for you in this life, the Mindset Academy Foundation program will teach you the tools and strategies you need to access it.

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Meet Jason Drees

Over the past decade, Jason Drees has helped thousands of people around the world achieve their ultimate human potential. Jason doesn’t help people create success, he simply provides strategies and techniques that remove his clients’ resistance to success.

Jason is the well-known performance coach for Brandon Turner, former host of the Bigger Pockets Podcast and CEO of Open Door Capital. In 5 years of coaching Jason, Brandon was able to create 100X financial growth in his real estate business as well as enormous growth in other areas of his life like moving to Hawaii and working substantially less than before.

Beyond Brandon, Jason has helped countless investors, entrepreneurs and business leaders become millionaires while also living a more fulfilled and aligned life. His proven mindset strategies have been applied across over 10,000 hours of coaching and thousands of people. Jason himself used his own techniques to create 10X growth in a 4 month period in 2020.

The latest, most advanced mindset tactics in the world originate from Jason Drees, and the Mindset Academy Foundation program is where you get all of those tactics and his decades of experience at a tiny fraction of the cost.


Mindset Academy Foundation

This is a 6 week, live program designed to deliver the mindset strategies and tools that Jason Drees uses with clients like Brandon Turner to create massive financial and personal growth.


Next Cohort:

Begins February 22nd, 2022


Actively enrolling new members


60 minutes per week for 6 week. 

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Content Type:

Mindset Workshops and Group Coaching

Program Curriculum

Mindset Workshops

  • Program Introduction and Logistics
  • Understanding Mindset
  • Releasing Your Sandbags
  • Reviewing the Belief Change Process
  • Making The Game-Changing Decision
  • Learning Why Pushing Through Resistance Doesn’t Work
  • Introducing Internal Alignment
  • Accessing the 7 Levels of Mindset Alignment 
  • Introducing Frame Shifting
  • Leveraging The Process of Life

Group Coaching Topics

  • Financial Mindset
  • Discovering your Authentic Self
  • Tapping into your Infinite Potential
  • Living without reservations 
  • Squashing Limiting Beliefs

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Mindset Academy Foundation


  • 6 weeks of LIVE Mindset Workshops and Group Coaching ($1000 value)
  • Access to JDC client community ($500 value)
  • Exclusive program Slack channel ($250 value)
  • Do the Impossible Mini Course ($100 value)
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“In 2 years, my income doubled, my free time doubled, and I moved to Maui… Jason is a great coach!”

Brandon Turner
Real estate investor, writer, entrepreneur, & host of “The BiggerPockets Podcast” with 65,000,000+ downloads

“Jason’s coaching has transformed my life to the point where I am looking to increase my net worth by 8 figures in a few short months.”

Hemal Badiani
Banking Executive, Real Estate Investor

“Jason Drees is truly an extraordinary human being. When you speak with him it’s clear his purpose is to help others step into their true selves.”

Dustin Runyon
Speaker, Coach, CEO Keller Williams Living Realty

“Fast forward six months and all facets of my life have been totally transformed…”

Karen Chenaille
Real Estate Investor & Program Manager at General Dynamics

Would you spend 6 weeks to impact the rest of your life?

Jason Drees' foundational mindset tactics are the most advanced in the world and have minted countless millionaires across a variety of industries. Spending 6 weeks with an expert JDC coach and a cohort of like-minded individuals will grant you access to content, tools, strategies, and people that could change your life. Is 1 hour per week worth the sacrifice to begin your journey to your ultimate potential?

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