Outrageous Success is Unnatural

Written by on May 27, 2019

You know the easy path. And you know the right path. The resistance you’re feeling, that desire to take the easy way? It’s your fears and old beliefs.

And here’s another secret. You are wired that way. Your body is wired for survival & sanity. And your wonderful magnificent brain does everything it can to keep you alive & sane. It will even create stories to justify why you weigh as much as you do, why you make as much as you do, and why you’re exactly where you are. And this “story” becomes the reason why you’re stuck there year after year.

And your body is wired to keep you comfortable, where it’s easy. Think about it. Do you normally expect it to be easy? Or do you expect it to be difficult? (Expecting it’s going to be easy is a sign of entitlement. And here’s another truth: You’re not entitled to shit… No one is…)

But you are destined for greatness. You are destined to shine. To stand out. To inspire others. And that voice in your gut knows the truth. Listen to it. And take action now. Break free.

You know, that thing you should be doing. Start there. Do that thing. NOW


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