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29: The Entrepreneur’s Curse: How to Handle the Endless Desire for More

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Today, let’s talk about the curse of being an entrepreneur.

If you’re an entrepreneur you know exactly what I mean. 

The entrepreneur's curse is the never-ending desire for more, for different, and for better. 

This desire makes us rush and live in the future, which never works in our favor.

And most of us struggle to turn this desire off. 

But sometimes, we have to. For the sake of our success and for the sake of our private lives and health. 

In today’s episode, I will share some tips on how to successfully turn it off.

Tune in!


Key Takeaways: 

  • Intro (00:00)
  • The curse of being an entrepreneur (00:33)
  • Rushing (03:49)
  • How I have been operating my life (11:07)
  • Values and boundaries (13:52)
  • Mindset shift (18:04)
  • Outro (19:32)


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