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30: Coaching Session: Helping Brennon Make a Crucial Mindset Shift

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Do you feel you should be further along in your life than you currently are?

Does this feeling cause you to be misaligned?

In today's coaching session, my client Brennon explains how he found himself in a similar situation. Despite already achieving a lot at a young age and clearly being on the right track, he still felt like he should have done more.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with aiming for more, but comparing ourselves to others will only slow us down.

So, as I explain to Brennon in the session, to achieve our goals faster, we need to shift our mindset and align ourselves with the version of ourselves who can achieve them faster.

It’s as simple as that! And in this session, you can clearly see Brennon's mindset shift.

Tune in and join us for this mental exercise!


Key Takeaways: 

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Brennon explains his problem (01:14)
  • Explaining frames (09:36)
  • How to achieve your goals faster (11:22)
  • How to shift your mindset (12:59)
  • Is there a point where you’re always in the right frame? (19:46)
  • Manifesting, affirmations, and visualizing (22:15)
  • Setting up a morning routine (28:46)
  • Goal setting (29:23)
  • Outro (31:46)


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