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35: How to Double Your Income Without Working More in 2023

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Are you noticing that things are different this year?

That the world is lacking the usual enthusiasm that comes with the new year?

I’m definitely noticing it in myself, my clients, and everyone around me. People are burnt out and tired. They need a break.

And while January is usually a month where we focus on more, this year, we should really focus on less. On working smarter, not harder. 

Because it is possible to do less and get more. You just need to believe that it is possible. 

Not sure how to achieve that?

Then join me for this mindset shift. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Collective burnout (00:32)
  • How to get more by doing less (02:49)
  • Do you believe it’s possible? (05:54)
  • Why coaching is so powerful (06:51)                    
  • You are creating your reality (09:44)              
  • It all starts with the frame (12:39)                                         
  • Outro (15:19)


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Do the Impossible is a weekly podcast with Jason Drees that focuses on helping you align your mindset for success.

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