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42: Helping Brett Move Past an Old Limited Mindset

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Have you worked very hard to get where you are but now you feel guilty? As if you don't deserve what you have? Are you being held back by these limiting beliefs?

All of your beliefs have served you at some point in your life. But when you get to the point where they start to hold you back, you need to move beyond them. I know this is easier said than done because our beliefs often act as anchors. But it can be done and I am here to teach you how!

Just check out my powerful coaching session with Brett, where I identify his root limiting belief and help him change it.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Intro (00:00)
  • What Brett needs coaching on (02:38)
  • When do these energetic blocks come up (05:08)
  • When frameshifting doesn’t work (06:00)
  • Wealth Guilt (10:20)
  • How to realign (15:04)
  • Changing Brett’s limiting beliefs (21:00)
  • Outro (29:17)


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Do the Impossible is a weekly podcast with Jason Drees that focuses on helping you align your mindset for success.

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