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47: How to Get Out of Reaction and Operate on a Higher Level of Consciousness

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Have you had an emotional reaction lately? 

People react emotionally all the time. And for a very long time, we have been stuck in a cycle of reaction, action, reaction, action...

We see our world, we have a reaction, and then we take an action. That's how we are programmed to act. But is that really the best way? Shouldn't we free ourselves from these limiting patterns?

Because when we are in reaction, we often act out of a place of misalignment. And nothing good ever comes from that. But once we overcome this old pattern, we realize that getting out of reaction is the fastest way to alignment. 

So, join me as I explain how we should operate moving forward and how to break these patterns through frameshifting. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • Getting out of reaction (00:37)
  • The action-reaction pattern (01:51)
  • Moving beyond the action-reaction pattern (06:16)
  • Repeat after me (09:29)
  • Outro (10:22)


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