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50: Coaching Session – Helping Jordan Transition Into a New Segment of Real Estate

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Have you ever tipped your toes in a new business venture and felt like you were a newbie despite having years of experience?

It happened to my client Jordan too. Jordan is a very successful real estate investor, who has been closing amazing deals in the residential segment. Recently, he decided with a business partner to venture into commercial real estate as well.

However, he found himself stuck in analysis paralysis and there was a lot of resistance building up. He was reading up on deals every day, but he couldn’t bring himself to make an offer. 

In our coaching session, I helped him realize that just because he’s entering a new segment of real estate, doesn’t mean he’s starting over and I helped him get into alignment with moving forward.

Want to know how? Check out our coaching session. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • What Jordan needs coaching on (01:43)
  • Resistance when we head toward a new direction (04:23)
  • Analysis paralysis (08:06)
  • How to move forward (10:30)
  • Measuring action (13:57)
  • Outro (18:00)


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