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58: Is Your Goal Creating Stress? Step by Step: How to Break Free & Achieve!

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We have big visions and dreams of what we hope to achieve, whether that be in our lifetime or in the next year. But how often do we find ourselves discouraged from these goals simply because they're not something we've done before, or achieved at quite the same scale? 

That was the case for today's coaching client, Matt Amabile, who has a goal to make significantly more in passive income and close bigger deals than he ever has before. There's just one thing standing in his way, his own beliefs. 

Sometimes our own targets create stress and resistance. On today's episode, we break down how to stop feeling that resistance, shift the mindset, and allow possibility to step in and accelerate the process.



Key Takeaways: 

0:00 Intro

2:50 “I’m not the guy who does big deals”

4:50 Sometimes we have a limiting belief that has something else underneath it

6:15 Affirmations to shift the belief

8:58 I can do it…but how? Where do I find it?

12:04 I want to create passive income, but I don’t know how.

14:45 Are you actually in flow?

16:28 Renegotiate the goal

18:17 When you put timeframes on goals in the unknown, it creates stress

20:16 Outro




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