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59: FIND YOUR WAY - Push Through Regardless of Market Conditions

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During times of uncertainty, staying in alignment can become tremendously difficult. How do you stay in the mindset of your highest potential when all around you is "evidence" that tells you your dreams are truly impossible? The housing market, the tumultuous economy, layoffs, you name it, there are a lot of reasons to switch into scarcity. 

But if you let that get to you, you end up standing in your own way of a plethora of opportunities. Our inner reality determines our outer reality, and it's ultimately our decision whether or not we let the outside world impact our inside world. During times like these, you can absolutely accelerate your growth and experience the abundance you've been desiring. 

Today on my conversation with Daniel Pimentel, we discuss what's currently holding him back from reaching his potential, the frame that he gets to shift into, and the mindset shift that will change his growth forever.


Key Takeaways: 

0:00 Intro

1:10 Feeling limited

2:31 Not letting your outside world impact your inside world

4:22 How to accelerate the growth you want to see (Hint: don’t be in resistance)

5:11 Identifying what we don’t want is a part of the process

5:27 We are creating at a faster rate than ever before

6:13 The answer is not a strategy

8:47 Where the strategy actually exists

9:12 Financial Scarcity and the hard work you get to do

10:40 How to know when you’re out of alignment & how to fix it

11:40 You grow your business by interacting with people differently

14:29 What feeling resistance actually means for you

15:40 Have faith and enjoy the journey

17:37 The frame that you need to shift into

19:37 The default is disbelief- what if it was belief instead?

22:24 Do whatever it takes to get rid of the fear 

24:53 What actions are you going to take?


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