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62: Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen

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Putting yourself out there is one of the scariest things you can do. People often say that they fear public speaking more than they fear death itself. And with a platform like social media, it’s the perfect storm of discourse that makes anyone want to shy away. 


But it’s a tool that’s not going away any time soon. So how do you leverage it despite your resistance? 


On today’s episode, I coach Kevin, a well seasoned coach who knows that in order to grow, he has to break into the world of social media and do so consistently. But he’s encountering resistance and burnout. We explore the limiting beliefs that lie beneath that to uncover the frame that he needs to shift into in order to get his desired results. If you’re experiencing a similar situation, this is the episode for you.



Key Takeaways: 

[00:00:00] Intro

00:02:52] Defining specific goals.

[00:04:38] Keep going on your path despite the fear and challenges

[00:08:10] Acknowledge your fears

[00:13:10] How to solve the fear of being seen

[00:20:15] Challenge limiting beliefs through language. 

[00:27:13] Lead generation is communication; success comes from mastering communication with your audience.

[00:29:54] Discover natural strengths for success.

[00:31:16] Outro  



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