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67: Overcome Self-Judgement and Complacency to Achieve More Than Ever Before

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How much have you tried to experiment with new ways of thinking and removing your limiting beliefs that hinder your progress toward your goals? We all struggle at some point with creating balance between enjoying the present and pushing ourselves to achieve more. 


We must actively remove old, limiting thought patterns that hinder and create resistance toward future growth. And today we talk about how it’s more than possible to do just that, create the life you want, and 


In this Do the Impossible podcast episode, we chat with guest Drew Wired. We discuss how conditioning and traditional models of success may no longer serve individuals who have outgrown them. Drew shares his desire to meet his full potential and how he feels challenged to do so without becoming complacent or sacrificing fulfillment in other areas of his life. Something that I think many of you will relate to.



Key Takeaways: 

[00:00:00] Intro

[00:05:03] The answer is to live your life and to find new models as you outgrow old ones. 

[00:08:45] Recognize future worry as a thought pattern from an old model; acknowledge changing modes of operation and old thought patterns still running.

[00:09:42] Eliminate pain and struggle

[00:10:11] Mastering stage one of coaching is aligning with yourself and where you're going. Stage two involves addressing concerns that create resistance to future growth by recognizing subtle thought patterns.

[00:11:33] Avoid regression into failure.

[00:15:29] Believing in something new is difficult, but success leads to less desire and more openness.

[00:16:57] The book "Love Money Loves You" is recommended.

[00:17:49] Outro




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