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68: Balancing Life to Release Your Potential with Guest Host Sam Wegert

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You’re a high achiever. You want to do massively incredible things. Yet, it seems like there’s always something in your way. For most people, that thing in their way is resistance. 


Many high achievers don’t reach their potential because they are in misalignment with themselves. So how do you get into alignment? How do you find your purpose? And an even bigger question- why are we here on this planet to do these things anyway?


That’s what I talk about today with guest Host Sam Wegert. You may recognize him, he was on the podcast not too long ago. Sam is a successful real estate investor, a member of Gobundance, and he’s the founder of UpLevel Martial Arts, a business with over 1,500 active clients. He offers a different feel to the podcast today asking me all the big questions. 




Key Takeaways: 

[00:00:00] Intro

[00:03:20] We are eternal beings in physical bodies trying to remember who we really are and the present time seems to be a period of rapid progress

[00:07:43] How Frame shifting allows someone to change their reality

[00:12:16] Shift thinking from action-oriented to focusing on changing their frequency and getting in alignment

[00:17:19] Consciousness is both physical and non-physical, with anchors and frequencies affecting our emotions and reactions to external stimuli, leading to stuck patterns

[00:28:13] Don’t set goals. 

[00:33:13] Biggest failures lead to the biggest successes

[00:40:13] High achievers are often not in complete alignment with themselves. 

[00:47:00] Outro





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