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70: Reverse Engineering Your Way to Career Success

🧠 Join My Free Monday Mindset Reset Call:   ➡️ Book a Free Session at:   What if you could follow your excitement and flow when starting a new business and to seek help when looking for a new direction in your career? The enemy of progress is perfection, which many of us fall into because we’re afraid of failure. This often stops us in our tracks completely. Today’s guest is Sue Saller, someone with 30 years in the education field, a wife, mom, entrepreneur, educator, podcaster now shifted a little bit to financial advising and on a life mission to empower people through encouragement and growth. We break down the importance of taking action towards our goals and not using personal situations as an excuse for inaction. She opens up about her limiting beliefs that are holding her back from breaking through an income ceiling and together we help her shift her mindset into possibility. Key Takeaways: [00:00:00] Intro [[00:01:13] Transitioning Life: Seeking Direction and Alignment [00:05:44] Breaking the Ceiling: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs [00:10:38] The Paradox of Personal Growth Obsession [00:12:45] Get in the Game: Embrace Imperfection and Uncertainty [00:17:21] Professional educator offers course creation assistance [00:19:13] Challenge: Make $100 in Your New Business [00:24:59] Outro --- ➡️ Get Coached by Jason:   Visit and explore what is possible: - Performance Coaching - Mindset Education & Training - Community & Peer Group - Mentoring & Mastermind --- Do the Impossible is a weekly podcast with Jason Drees that focuses on helping you align your mindset for success. Follow so you never miss an episode!