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73: Aligning Your Wealth with Your Worth to Earn BIGGER

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Have you been living in your financial comfort zone? 

Actually, it's not a question of if you have- because the reality is, everyone lives there. Everyone with results across the board from the wealthiest billionaire to the poorest individual is living within their financial comfort zone. Our lives are the result of our mindset. Many people live their lives never exceeding what their parents made, or not going very far beyond it. This is because that is all they believe they are capable of creating. 

Our mindsets create the results, not the other way around. 

On today's episode, I'm joined by another Jason. Jason Wallis is a creative entrepreneur from Birmingham, a former photographer, he's currently working on building wealth in real estate and he's created some good results. Today I coach him on how to hit impossible targets consistently by shifting his mindset and elevating his financial frequency. 

[00:00:27] Intro
[00:04:21] Guest specialized in one thing, e.g. photography.
[00:07:27] Questions about earnings determine financial mindset & comfort zone.
[00:13:23] Coaching helps you align, and takes time to master. Coach helps with constant alignment via emotions.
[00:13:49] Realignment game to reach the target.
[00:18:47] Remove resistance, think differently, location varies.
[00:21:27] Push beyond limits, not just action.
[00:27:16] Outro


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