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86: Unveiling the Framework for Alignment: Success, Time, Money, Self, and Process

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Welcome back to another episode of Do the Impossible. 


On today’s episode, I’m joined by Franc Maga


Franc Maga is a seasoned real estate negotiator, known for his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service to both tenants and landlords. With a sharp eye for detail and a knack for vetting potential applicants, Franc specializes in securing lease deals that benefit all parties involved.


Despite his expertise and thorough negotiation process, Franc recently encountered a perplexing situation. He had been diligently working on a basic lease deal, meticulously vetting the tenant and ensuring all necessary aspects were in order. However, to his surprise, the landlord abruptly decided against the deal without any apparent reason, leaving Franc feeling disheartened and perplexed.


This unexpected turn of events left Franc feeling as though the landlord had simply woken up on the wrong side of the bed. The rejection hit him deeply and affected his mood for the entire day. Despite this setback, Franc remains resilient and determined to continue providing top-notch service to his clients, always striving to find the best solutions for both parties involved.


We dive deep into the emotions and challenges that come with facing rejection in the sales process, as well as the importance of helping others and maintaining alignment.



Key Takeaways: 

(00:00:00) Intro


(00:06:26) Sales deals are unpredictable; some close, some don't. No formula guarantees success.


(00:07:57) Focus on the emotional reaction to deals not closing and the importance of maintaining a positive perspective despite setbacks.


(00:10:28) The process of learning balance is ongoing. Being aware of reactions and taking time to realign is important. Having a coach can help speed up the process. Stop and sit for a few minutes to regain alignment. Create new beliefs about sales.


(00:14:00) Helping more people leads to rewards in life. It aligns with belief systems and builds the law of attraction. Cannot control others' decisions, so focus on helping without expecting sales.


(00:17:29) Outro



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