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87: From Day Job to Dream Job: Transitioning into Full-Time Podcasting and Real Estate

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Welcome back to another episode of Do the Impossible. 


On today’s episode, I’m joined by John Hooper.


John is a determined individual with two clear goals in mind. Firstly, he aims to transition out of his current job within the next five to ten years. Despite being one of the rare workers who are content with their profession, John desires to provide more for himself and his loved ones and hopes to establish a successful business. The question is, how? 


On one side, John is deeply involved in the real estate industry. Fueled by his passion for this field, he is actively working to expand his knowledge and network within the sector. With a keen eye for opportunities and a drive to succeed, John is dedicated to making a significant impact in the real estate market.


Additionally, John channels his ambition and expertise through his podcast. This platform serves as a powerful tool for connecting with individuals and adding value to their lives. As he continues to grow his podcast, John remains focused on finding new ways to enrich his listeners' experiences and provide insightful content.


Currently, John and his co-host are undergoing a transition phase with their podcast. While he primarily handles the production aspects and overall direction of the show, John recognizes the need for growth and improvement. Together, they are exploring new avenues to deliver even greater value to their audience, just as they have done with notable guests like yourself.


John Hooper's story is one of determination, passion, and a relentless pursuit of personal and professional growth. With his dual focus on real estate and podcasting, he is on a journey to not only create a better future for himself but also to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Listen to today’s episode as we talk through how he can get to his goal faster. 



Key Takeaways: 

(00:00:00) Intro


00:04:59 The million dollar question: social media growth.


00:06:50 Follow intuition, not conditioned thinking, for success.


00:12:04 Real estate is my marketing niche.


00:15:15 Struggling to break big goals into actions.


00:19:51 90 day challenge. Network now. Find experienced people.


00:22:03 Take risks but calculate your risk tolerance.


00:24:17 Suggest analyzing short term and single family.



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