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90: Breaking the Tornado Effect: Mastering Alignment and Thriving in Day-to-Day Operations

🧠 Join My Free Monday Mindset Reset Call:   ➡️ Book a Free Session at:   Welcome back to another episode of Do The Impossible. Today’s guest is Nathan. Nathan is a driven individual who understands the power of alignment and visualization. He starts his day with meditations and affirmations, envisioning his businesses as thriving and successful. However, he faces challenges in maintaining this mindset throughout the day. The daily operational tasks, such as paying bills and taking care of his family, often interrupt his focus and make him feel like he is not yet where he wants to be. Nathan describes this experience as a tornado effect, where external demands pull him away from his entrepreneurial goals. Despite these obstacles, he remains determined to find a solution and achieve the success he envisions. Nathan is also military veteran and rookie entrepreneur. In this conversation we dive deep into the concept of alignment and the challenges that entrepreneurs face in their day-to-day operations. Nathan shares his struggles with constantly feeling like he's not successful enough, always striving for more. Jason provides insights into the mindset of an entrepreneur and offers guidance on finding balance and fulfillment in all aspects of life. Tune in to this thought-provoking conversation as they explore the importance of aligning personal and professional growth and how it can ultimately lead to success. Let's dive in and discover how to overcome obstacles and achieve the impossible. Key Takeaways: 00:00:00 Intro 00:03:39 Always chasing success, never feeling satisfied. 00:07:23 Friend's murder inspired urgency for living fully. 00:10:29 Success comes from being whole and complete. 00:12:44 Achieve satisfaction and expand your impact. 00:16:29 Stay positive and distance from negative influences. 00:21:07 Aligning every day for constant growth. 00:23:21 Navigating life, imperfections unite us all. 00:26:28 Outro --- ➡️ Get Coached by Jason:   Visit and explore what is possible: - Performance Coaching - Mindset Education & Training - Community & Peer Group - Mentoring & Mastermind --- Do the Impossible is a weekly podcast with Jason Drees that focuses on helping you align your mindset for success. Follow so you never miss an episode!