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96: Embracing the Unknown: Overcoming Obstacles and Staying Motivated as a New Investor

🧠 Join My Free Monday Mindset Reset Call:   ➡️ Book a Free Session at:   Welcome back to another episode of Do the Impossible. Welcome to another episode of "Do The Impossible" podcast! In today's episode, host Jason Drees is joined by guest Deisy Espinoza, a manager in a painting company and a new real estate investor. Deisy shares her struggles with staying motivated and persistent in pursuing her real estate goals while juggling a full-time job, extracurricular activities, and family responsibilities. Jason offers insights on setting realistic goals, changing mindset, and finding alignment in order to overcome the challenges and achieve success. Deisy Espinoza is a hardworking individual who believes in making the most out of every day. Balancing a full-time job with her passion for sports, Deisy finds solace and stress relief in pursuing her athletic endeavors. Alongside this, she also harbors a side business that she aspires to grow into something substantial. Despite the challenges that come with juggling various commitments, Deisy remains determined to succeed and uphold her responsibilities to both her loved ones and her own dreams. She understands the importance of being present for her family and friends, who are entering significant chapters in their lives, such as getting married or starting a family. To make it all work, Deisy attributes her accomplishments to discipline, motivation, and exceptional time management skills. She firmly believes in maintaining a persistent mindset and utilizing her time wisely in order to thrive in all aspects of her life. Join us as we dive into Deisy's story and explore strategies to overcome obstacles and do the seemingly impossible. Key Takeaways: [00:01:50] Balancing passion, work, and family requires discipline. [00:04:52] Time frames cause stress and misalignment. Setting specific goals helps with alignment. [00:08:11] Tired and conflicted about balancing responsibilities. [00:10:15] Decide, plan, commit: the keys to success. [00:13:17] Daily affirmation: I am a real estate investor. [00:16:45] Find investors, start wholesaling, take action. [00:20:55] Productivity thrives when others rely on you. --- ➡️ Get Coached by Jason:   Visit and explore what is possible: - Performance Coaching - Mindset Education & Training - Community & Peer Group - Mentoring & Mastermind --- Do the Impossible is a weekly podcast with Jason Drees that focuses on helping you align your mindset for success. Follow so you never miss an episode!