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97: Pushing Through Fear and Doubt: Tools for Moving Forward on the Path to Success

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Welcome to another episode of Do The Impossible.


In this episode, we’re joined by the incredible Sally, a recent participant of the "Do The Impossible" Challenge and an aspiring real estate entrepreneur. Sally opens up about the challenges and doubts she faces as she navigates a new career path. She shares her experiences and seeks guidance from Jason on how to maintain the right mindset and push through the fear and uncertainty that often accompanies pursuing big goals.


Throughout the conversation, Sally is reminded of her past successes and showcases her determination and resilience. Together, we explore strategies to overcome self-doubt and embrace the unknown. We talk about how to shift your focus from rigid timeframes to trusting the process. Progress doesn't always happen in a linear fashion.


Tune in to this episode as Sally seeks clarity and receives valuable insights and tools to help her stay on the right path and continue pursuing her real estate dreams. 



Key Takeaways: 


[00:02:30] Setting impossible goals, feeling a mix of confidence and uncertainty. Need guidance and tools for reassurance.


[00:05:21] Seeking tools to overcome fear and progress.


[00:06:54] Rental vacant, achieving goals, blocked by inexperience.


[00:13:01] Higher integration frequency, clean up, sandbags removed, unstoppable.


[00:13:47] Be present, acknowledge, let go of negativity.


[00:19:17] Acceptance is key to overcoming obstacles.


[00:20:40] Don't fight doubt, embrace it instead.






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