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99: Get Away From Playing Safe To Expand Your Business and Your Income

🧠 Join My Free Monday Mindset Reset Call:   ➡️ Book a Free Session at:   Welcome to another episode of Do The Impossible. In this episode, we’re joined by Paul Graham, an achievement-oriented individual who has found his passion in various areas. He believes in seizing opportunities and experiencing the thrill that comes with taking risks. For Paul, it's like standing on the edge of a cliff, ready to jump into the unknown. However, there is a slight hesitation before making the leap. Despite this, he is determined to find the pursuits that align with his goals and aspirations, and he is ready to gravitate towards them. Just like the euphoric feeling after a successful jump, Paul aims to achieve incredible things in his chosen endeavors. Key Takeaways: [00:01:26] Achievement-oriented person with many opportunities, hesitant jump. [00:05:08] Software company aggregates data and news for investors. [00:07:54] Resistance towards next steps, seeking understanding. [00:12:07] Belief in manifestation, not necessarily hard work. [00:17:34] Holistically, jumping all in is impossible. [00:19:17] Resistance to change hinders success and growth. [00:23:15] Old model doesn't apply to new one. [00:26:40] Better mine. License shirts with your name/logo. Hard to excel at product development and marketing. Needs more tinkering, not just UI. [00:29:35] Creating products is hard, but follow excitement. [00:33:41] Spend time rereading, take action, process. [00:38:41] Opportunity to grow software product into company. [00:40:11] Watch the Do the Impossible podcast. Coaching: Monday Mindset Reset: Monday Mindset Alignment call. --- ➡️ Get Coached by Jason:   Visit and explore what is possible: - Performance Coaching - Mindset Education & Training - Community & Peer Group - Mentoring & Mastermind --- Do the Impossible is a weekly podcast with Jason Drees that focuses on helping you align your mindset for success. Follow so you never miss an episode!