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102: The Power of Direction: Navigating Multiple Opportunities for Success and Fulfillment

🧠 Join My Free Monday Mindset Reset Call:   ➡️ Book a Free Session at:   Welcome to another episode of Do The Impossible. Today I’m joined by Ayush Gupta, a fellow bearded man and multi-talented individual. Ayush, who is a full-time W Two employee, a real estate investor, and the founder of the MD House Hacking Mastermind, shares his biggest challenge of finding clarity amidst a multitude of opportunities. Throughout the conversation, Ayush and Jason delve into the concept of "shiny object syndrome" and how successful individuals navigate through various choices to find focus on one particular path. Ayush provides examples of his different ventures in real estate, including short-term and long-term rentals, online mentoring, and the desire to get into flipping and wholesaling. However, Ayush finds himself spreading his attention too thin and hindering his ability to excel in any one area. Jason helps Ayush uncover his true passion when it comes to coaching and ultimately guides him to prioritize the MD House Hacking Mastermind, where Ayush can provide tremendous value to medical professionals seeking financial freedom while practicing medicine. Together, they explore the steps Ayush can take to monetize his Mastermind, including offering free sessions to start, but also emphasizing the importance of charging a fee to ensure commitment and engagement from participants. Join us in this insightful conversation as Ayush uncovers his path to clarity and learns how to overcome the challenges of pursuing multiple opportunities in order to focus on his true passion. Key Takeaways: [00:01:04] Multiple income streams including real estate investing. [00:04:01] Real estate challenging, considering other options. [00:09:01] Program success: target paying clients initially. [00:11:07] Expanding medicine work, gaining confidence in growth. [00:14:24] Logo obsession delays starting a business. [00:19:34] Hospital offer shared widely, starting December 1 [00:21:32] Authenticity and passion fuel business growth. --- ➡️ Get Coached by Jason:   Visit and explore what is possible: - Performance Coaching - Mindset Education & Training - Community & Peer Group - Mentoring & Mastermind --- Do the Impossible is a weekly podcast with Jason Drees that focuses on helping you align your mindset for success. Follow so you never miss an episode!