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105: Embracing Passion, Risk, and the Unknown in Business Ventures

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Welcome to another episode of Do The Impossible.


Today we’re joined by Darren, a fellow Gobundance member from Houston, Texas. Darren is at a crossroads in his life, having recently left his W2 executive recruiting and consulting job to focus on his own agency and a hot sauce business called Headlock. 


During their conversation, Darren shares his struggles in balancing the security of his agency's recurring revenue with the potential of his hot sauce business, which is waiting on investment money and Walmart contracts. Jason offers mentorship and coaching, guiding Darren through the decision-making process and encouraging him to consider all options before committing to a path. 


They explore the challenges and potential of both ventures, discussing the emotional and financial aspects of pursuing one's passion and the practicalities of business decisions. Darren expresses his internal conflict as he weighs the excitement of a startup against the stability of his agency. 


Tune in as Jason helps Darren navigate his complex decision-making process, providing valuable insights and encouragement. This episode is a must-listen for anyone facing career dilemmas and seeking to do the impossible.



Key Takeaways: 


[00:02:40] Independent agency, referral-based, seeking partnership.


[00:03:14] Wife saved me, questioned business expansion plans.


[00:09:26] Mentoring, exploring opportunities, overcoming resistance, finding direction.


[00:12:27] Exceed current level, demonstrate capabilities, and network.


[00:14:42] Practice managing people in your business. Tough.




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