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107: When is enough, enough?

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Welcome to another episode of Do The Impossible. 

Today we dive into the question I hear from time to time from entrepreneurs. When is enough, enough? From the point of view of an integrator, where vision isn’t a strength. Join Jason as he dissects this point of a view while exploring the connections between social conditioning and intuition.



In this conversation, Jason Drees coaches Brad Stegall about balancing contentment and growth in life. They discuss the role of conditioning in limiting growth and the importance of following intuition. They also explore the concept of embracing discomfort and the unknown to experience personal and professional growth. Brad shares his journey from a W-2 job to full-time real estate and the challenges he faced along the way. The conversation concludes with a discussion on finding satisfaction in the process of life and using resources to make a global impact.



 Balancing contentment and growth is a challenge that many people face. It is important to find a balance between being satisfied with what you have achieved and pushing yourself to continue growing.

Conditioning from society and past experiences can limit our ability to see our full potential. It is important to challenge these limiting beliefs and be open to new ideas and opportunities.

Following intuition and embracing discomfort are key to personal and professional growth. It is important to listen to your inner voice and take risks in order to reach your full potential.

Appreciating and savoring the present moment is essential for a fulfilling life. It is important to find joy and satisfaction in the journey, rather than constantly striving for the next goal.

Using your resources, such as time and money, to make a positive impact in the world can bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment. 



00:00 Introduction and Technical Difficulties

00:22 Benefits of Using Riverside for Recording

03:26 Background and Introduction of Brad Stegall

06:11 Balancing Contentment and Growth

10:21 The Role of Conditioning in Limiting Growth

13:59 The Importance of Following Intuition

17:46 The Unknown and Embracing Discomfort

20:05 Appreciating and Savoring the Present

22:19 Exploring New Passions and Missions

25:01 Finding Satisfaction in the Process of Life

28:16 Using Resources to Make a Global Impact

29:07 Recommendation: The Way of the Superior Man

29:40 Conclusion and Farewell


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