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108: Overcoming the Fear of Handing Off to Employees


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Welcome to another episode of Do The Impossible.

 Today we dive deep into a conversation with Mike DeHaan who shares his struggle with shifting from a solopreneur to an entrepreneur mindset. He shares his challenges in trusting and letting go of control as his team grows. Jason emphasizes the importance of deciding to shift mindset and provides insights on the phases of entrepreneurship. They discuss the need to create a culture of learning and growth, as well as the role of clear expectations and standards. The conversation concludes with the recommendation to dive deeper into the issues to find effective solutions.

 In this conversation, Jason Drees and Mike DeHaan discuss the importance of coaching and the role of a coach in helping individuals achieve their goals. They emphasize the importance of building trust and rapport with clients, setting goals, creating action plans, and overcoming challenges. They also highlight the significance of celebrating success and reflecting on progress. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights into the coaching process and its impact on personal and professional growth.



Key Takeaways:

 [00:03:17] Transition to the Topic of Shifting from Solopreneur to Entrepreneur Mindset

 [00:04:59] Challenges of Trusting and Letting Go

[00:08:34] The Decision to Shift Mindset

[00:11:47] The Power of Letting Go and Allowing Others to Contribute

[00:22:59] Finding the Right Resources and Roles

 [0030:00] Celebrating Success and Reflecting on Progress 



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