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113: Shifting Frames: Navigating Misalignment and Hiring Success





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Welcome to another episode of Do The Impossible.

Join Jason Drees on this insightful episode of the Do The Impossible podcast as he engages with Dave Van Der Laan, a seasoned entrepreneur navigating the challenges of expanding a functional house call business. Discover the nuances of recognizing and overcoming misalignment in your professional journey and gain valuable insights into hiring success. Jason provides practical guidance on mindset alignment and the power of frame shifting, offering a fresh perspective on building a phenomenal team.



Key Takeaways:

[00:06:58:] Three Indicators of Alignment

[00:17:33] Understanding Misalignment Triggers

[00:23:56] Removing Resistance to Hiring Success

[00:28:28] Sensing a Future Version of Yourself for Mindset Transformation

[00:31:06] Waiting for Answers After Frame Shifting



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