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114: Navigating Unknown Goals and Mindset Shifts





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Welcome to another episode of Do The Impossible.

Join Jason Drees and guest Cannon Firth in a candid conversation about embracing the unknown in pursuit of wealth and personal growth. Cannon shares his journey from a W-2 job to real estate investing, shedding light on the challenges and mindset shifts he's facing. Dive deep into the exploration of unknown goals and discover the power of mindset in shaping a transformative path. This episode is a blueprint for those navigating uncertainties in their lives, offering insights on breaking limiting beliefs and choosing expansion.



Key Takeaways:

[00:03:28] Exploring The Challenge of Making Leaps and Jumps in Life

[00:13:15] Confidence In The Unknown vs. The Known

[00:16:45] Balancing Morning Routines As Expansion, Not Maintenance

[00:21:00] Shifting The Narrative From The Past to The Present

[00:26:17] Choosing a Positive Attitude at Work and The Power of Choice



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