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Break Free from Your Old Patterns

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Grinding Doesn’t

Create Success.

We are socially conditioned to think that working harder will create better results - that grinding and hustling is the answer to everything.

What if I told you there’s an easier way to access everything you’ve ever wanted? What if I told you that your seemingly impossible targets can be immediately within reach?

I teach people how to leverage the power of mindset to create massive results.


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This Story May Sound Familiar

For 20 years I chased success...

In my pursuit, I was fired 7 times, had 4 companies fail, filed bankruptcy, and was on food assistance from the state of California. I "grinded" my way through 20 years. In October of 2016 I left my previous coaching company to set out to start my own coaching company. A friend of mine joined me in the startup. I had already failed in 3 previous businesses and had been fired from multiple jobs, which is what led me to becoming a Robbins coach.

Surely now, with all the experience I gained with Robbins – I would finally have my break. I would finally achieve the level of success I’d been chasing for the previous twenty years. For 6 months, we worked we tirelessly and tried everything. We cold called, we networked, we bought digital ads, and we even offered to work for free. For 6 months we pushed and did not get a single coaching contract. Not one.  

This was one of the lowest moments in life. 20 years, countless businesses and jobs, and I still hadn’t achieved the success I was chasing. So I stopped. I threw my hands in the air and gave up.

And when I stopped grinding, something magic happened.

That next week, 4 people signed coaching contracts with me. That was when I finally realized what was happening during all those years prior.

Success arrives when
you remove resistance from the equation. 

Removing resistance and savoring the process of life is what puts you into an aligned frame. I uncovered that an aligned frame creates an aligned mindset which creates an aligned action which yields the desired result.

Since making this discovery, I’ve clocked in 15,000+ hours of coaching sessions, I’ve worked with 7 and 8 figure earners like Brandon Turner, and I’ve impacted the lives of thousands through my speaking engagements and online programs. My business, Jason Drees Coaching, has expanded from 1 person to nearly 30, and it is all attributable to one core principle: alignment.

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Success Comes From Alignment.

Do you ever feel or do any of these things when you’re working:


“I don't need to do that now, I'll get to it later...”


“If I don’t hit this one goal, then I’m a failure.”

Lowering Standards

“I can’t increase my income by 10x, so I’ll just focus on trying to get a smaller raise at work.”


“I don’t want to work on this, because I just don’t even care anymore.”

These are just a few indicators of misalignment.

When you are misaligned, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, how hard you push, or what strategy you employ. Misalignment prevents you from achieving the results you desire most.

If you want to create success, you must get into alignment with what you want, who you are, and the process of life. I’ve uncovered tactics that anyone can use anytime to instantly get into alignment.

Before we get into the details, let’s start with the old model.


Our beliefs create our action, which create our result.

So to create results, you need to change your beliefs. This can work, but there is an easier way.

The highest performers I know use this formula:



That is, your frame creates your mindset, your mindset creates your action, and your action creates your result.

If your frame is aligned, your action will be aligned. Aligned action creates results. You’re probably wondering what frame is. Simply put, your frame is your expectations, and it holds the keys to your future. Your frame will shape your reality, and I can teach you how to harness it’s power.

Hi, I’m Jason Drees.

I am the founder and CEO of Jason Drees Coaching and author of Do The Impossible.

In August of 2020, Jason Drees Coaching was just me. I had a thriving 1 on 1 coaching business supporting people like Brandon Turner and countless high net worth individuals around the world in their pursuits of achieving their impossible targets.

At this time, I had finally felt like the success I’d been chasing for years had been achieved, but something inside of me wanted more. Something inside of me felt called to deliver more. I took the content I was sharing with my clients and turned inward – I applied all my coaching concepts to my own life and my own business.  

Fast forward 4 months from August of 2020, my business grew revenue by 10X in 120 days. Fast forward a year, my business is on pace to 3X revenue from our all time high at the end of 2020. In August of 2020, Jason Drees Coaching was just Jason. Now JDC, is 30+ people. I’ve removed myself operationally and my business continues to grow.

All of this is to say: I’ve been where you are, I’ve arrived at where you’re going, and I want to help you get here.  

I don’t claim to help people create success, nor does anyone on my team. What makes Jason Drees Coaching the most elite performance coaching company in America is that instead of trying to force our clients into success, we remove their barriers to success.


1 on 1 Coaching with JDC

Join our transformative annual coaching program that provides personalized support in achieving your impossible targets.


Inside the JDC Coaching Package:

3 x 30 minute 1 on 1 coaching sessions each month for a full year.

Your coach will work with you directly to turn barriers and obstacles into opportunities, help you reach 10x targets, and get into alignment with success.

Access to our private client community of over 500 high performing entrepreneurs, investors, and executives.

Our community boasts an engagement rate that is 6 times higher than other Slack communities. This is a place where deals, valuable industry connections, and lifelong friendships are made.

Hand selected placement with a JDC coach that has experience working with people like you.

We match you with the perfect coach fit based on an intake survey and DISC profile. All JDC coaches undergo rigorous training and aptitude assessments in order to be certified in our program methodology.

Stop waiting for success.

Learn the tools that high performers use to create an aligned frame and get the results you want faster.

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Imagine 1 year from now...

You’re now earning 10x more per year. You’ve successfully launched that business idea that you were always excited about. You’re always operating from an aligned frame, and success flows through you with every breath you take. When you look back, it all started with a free 20-minute call.

Would you spare 20 minutes of your time if it could change the rest of your life for the better?

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Don’t let 20 minutes stand in the way of the life you’ve been chasing.

For years, I had the mindset that I needed to create success alone. It wasn’t until I started letting others in to help me that my business expanded, my relationships improved, and the life of my dreams was realized.

Take 20 minutes to experience what letting others in feels like. We will teach you a few core principles around how framing creates success. You can take that info and run with it or you can stick around on the call and learn how a 1 on 1 coach will help you get to where you’re going faster.


It’s totally up to you.

Here’s the link to book a free call with us. I hope to see you inside our community.