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Written by on November 18, 2019

Then change your environmental rules for success.


The # 1 key to success that any successful personal development coach will help you integrate is: success is 80% mindset and 20% mechanics.

Rules = Beliefs

There are 2 primary types of beliefs that have the biggest impact on our lives: subject & environmental beliefs. These beliefs live within our mindset and determine what is possible in your life.

Subject beliefs are about the specific thing you’re working on. So, if I’m looking to get a new relationship, beliefs about getting relationships are your subject beliefs. If you want a new job, then beliefs about getting a job are your subject beliefs. If you want more money, then beliefs about getting money are your subject beliefs.

Environmental beliefs create the environment that subject beliefs operate within. These subtle beliefs can often be the greatest limiter to our growth and transformation.  They are often the beliefs we inherited from our family and friends growing up. They make up the major part of our default emotions and patterns of behaviors.

If you find a specific target is continually beyond your grasp, all top life coaches will say that it could be that your current environmental beliefs are in conflict with that result showing up in your life.

In order to shift that environmental belief (or rule), you first must become aware of it.

Here are some examples of environmental beliefs:

About relationships – finding “the one”

  • When I meet “the one” I’ll know it immediately
  • There can only be “the one” relationship

About Jobs

  • Good jobs are hard to get
  • You must have a resume to get a good job

About Money

  • You have to work hard to make money
  • Rich people are greedy & mean

You change these yourself without a life trainer or individual coaching. To uncover limiting environmental rules that might be out of alignment with your target, ask yourself:

  • What do I believe to be true about _____________?
  • What are my rules for _____________?
  • What is one way that other people _____________ that is don’t believe is possible for me?
  • If I let go of everything, I know to be true about _____________, what is possible right now?

As one of the best life coaches in the world, my journey has taken me deep into exploration of personal growth.  And every road always leads me to mindset.

If you’re ready to uncover where your mindset is holding you back, book in a complimentary session and we’ll break through that together.


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