I can’t say enough good things about onsite training with Jason

Sean Covell, Owner: Fitness System Lodi

So many people have been talking about “change” over the last few years. It’s a buzzword. People forget you can change by overeating, drinking, smoking, hitting people, blaming others. The word means nothing. Here’s a better word: transformation. I didn’t want my staff to change. I wanted them to transform into the people they are capable of being. That’s why I started coaching with Jason. I wanted to transform myself to become a better leader. But to make a lasting impact on their lives, I knew I needed more leverage. I needed to bring in a professional to help them unleash their potential. It’s one thing when your boss is telling you that you are capable of more. Coming from a Tony Robbins coach is not only another thing completely, it’s a mind blowing experience that will leave you feeling like you’ve given your team a new tool bag, complete with everything they need to meet your outcome. Coach Jason Drees not only delivered, he over-delivered.

There were so many excellent parts of the onsite training, from mindset coaching, to values, to getting a roomful of people to change their state instantly. Two parts still stand out to me today. The focus on serving the customer rather than selling to them was crucial for our tribe making the transition in our focus and mission. By far the best part and most memorable for everyone was watching the ENTIRE team break through solid wood boards and unleash themselves in a way they never thought possible. Imagine if you can, a 100-pound girl, writing all her limiting beliefs on a board and then punching through and destroying the board. By the way, Jason picked her to go first which empowered the whole team.

I can’t say enough good things about onsite training with Jason. If you’re a leader of an organization, take the time to invest in your people. Get them some coaching that will empower them and change the way they think about you and your company in a positive, transformative way.

Sean Covell, Owner: Fitness System Lodi