“I’m a coach and I don’t know how he does it, within 48 hours of our call, I landed another $25k in business”

Kamahl Barhoush - Head Coach, Barefoot Business, Business Growth Expert

Testimonial Transcript

Yo, what’s up? Everyone come out here, barefoot business and this is a huge shout out to my man Jason Drees, Jason over in the States there a wow what a coach. I tell you what I’m a, I’m a coach, a professional coach and I probably shouldn’t be plugging other coaches, but this guy is something else. Seriously. So when I’m the coach that other coaches come to, I’ve got three or four coaches that are high end clients of mine and Jason is the guy that I go to now I can’t even tell you what he does. All I can tell you is the results. Okay? So listen, I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m supposed to have all the answers and I’m supposed to be the guy who can create certainty out of uncertainty and who can just charge forward and build these massive businesses.

But let me tell you, I have my moments and those moments are pretty, pretty low. The big highs turning into the big lows. Jason is the guy that I call what he does. I wish I could explain. I, I just can’t. But there’s an energetic shift that takes place. It’s, it’s a palpable shift in the call and within, within just minutes. And the, the changes that transpire after that, I can’t even start to explain. For example I had a call with Jason the other day and it was in a real funk and like, just, you know, I’m normally such a great sales when it’s such a great closure and man, I could not get anyone over the line. It was just deathly, and we had a conversation with Jason and he’s like, man, you, you vibrations or wrong, your energy’s mismatched. I don’t know what he’d be through free stuff he was talking about, I don’t care.

It worked. Ah, we set up some strategies in the call where completely shifted that. And I’m literally within 48 hours, there was one client that I was talking about where every time the phone rang from this client, I was fearful. I’m like, Aw man, something insomnia was like, this guy wants to quit. This is a big client. There’s a big chunk of my income every month. This guy wants out. And I had these, I had these ridiculous fear every time the phone rang. And Jason, I explored that and he’s like, well, you know, it may be, that’s their fear, not your fear and because you’re, you’re intuitive. And I don’t know what he said. Anyway, so 48 hours later, that client call and he canceled out of that program, but he canceled it other program because he actually wanted more. And he ended up signing up to a program that’s over 50% more.

Okay. So a, that that landed itself a another what, 25 grand a year on top of the additional contract just because all that now coincidental, maybe it is, but coincidentally, every time I talked to Jason, somebody magic happens. Okay. The other thing that happened on that day, on that sign day as well was I had two referrals. One of those turned into a sales call. The other one is still, we haven’t done yet, but like closed. They literally were on the phone with a credit card in hand. Jason, I’ve made, I don’t know what you do that hippy, hippy, fru fru stuff that, man, it works. And if you’re not on the Jason Drees coaching, jump on it right now. Oh, I love you guys. Be amazing.