“In 2 years my income doubled, my free time doubled and I moved to Maui… Jason is a great coach!!”

Brandon Turner, Real estate investor, writer, entrepreneur, & host of “The BiggerPockets Podcast” with 65,000,000+ downloads!


Testimonial transcript:

” What’s going on everyone. My name is Brandon and I wanted to leave a little bit of feedback about working with Jason from Jason Drees Coaching. So I’ve always kind of considered myself like a high performing person. I do a lot of fun stuff and I’ve been pretty successful at most of what I’ve done. The problem is like, I have a really hard time focusing on like, what is the most important thing? What should I do, what shouldn’t I do? Right. And then like clarifying the next steps. I’m a huge believer that if you just clarify your next steps all the time, like everything can get done so much easier in life. And that’s what has been so amazing about working with Jason because I mean, honestly like since I started working with him a couple of years ago, I think my income has doubled. I think my free time has probably doubled.

I moved to Maui, I live here now, check this thing out. That’s like the ocean right there. I even like, I mean he was like, girl, here’s a tangible example. For months, I was complaining or just not even complaining, just in my head dealing with this like problem of where I didn’t have a good place to work because I was working at home and I had a hard time with just I guess kid running around dealing with family stuff and all that. Right. And Jason really, really encouraged me like to have a separate space I can go to work where I could get stuff done. And so like I was going to go get an office. We talked about that. But the more we talked through it is that with a huge block for me was that I didn’t have a place to work.

So the more we work through that issue ends up anyway. I ended up building this thing right here, right? So it’s like a little office shed thing and now I have a place I can go and work and get really, really deep work done in short amounts of time. Right? That’s the benefit of coaching. It’s like, I know that I need to do it, but with Jason Hosanna to like really push that forward. And actually get these things done. So again, since working with them, I’ve just been knocking things out, written a couple of books since doing it. Again, like I said, moved here, built the shed, and it’s been amazing. So I’d definitely recommend working with Jason if you’re thinking about coaching. Coaching is a no brainer and Jason’s a great coach, so I hope that helps and have a good day.”