The formula to break $1M per month in revenue

Written by on January 2, 2019

Breaking thru the $1M per month revenue barrier is not an easy task. Working hard and coming up with new ideas is not enough. In fact, over 90% of business owners think the key to success & profits is through growth. The reality is that growth doesn’t just grow the great parts of your business, it grows the ‘Tumors’ as well.

Step 1

  1. The old ways are not going to work
    1. What go you here, won’t get you there.
  2. It requires a complete evolution of:
    1. Leadership
    2. Team performance & empowerment
    3. Leveraged systems & accountability
  3. You must find a way to spend more time working ON your business instead of IN your business.
    1. You’ll never get there being the # 1 employee

The Formula

  1. Mindset – evolve your leadership mindset
  2. Strategy & Systems – create higher level strategies & systems
  3. Implementation & Execution – increase team empowerment & accountability

The #1 way to make it past the $1M per month barrier is with an expanded leadership mindset. How do you get an expanded leadership mindset?  Simple, hire a Coach.

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