What is Coaching?

In the simplest terms, Coaching is the process of helping a person (or company) close the gap from where they are now to where they want to be. As human beings, we are always working towards something better, greater and different from what we have now. Coaching helps accelerate the process to achieve greater results in less time.

To gain an even better understand what coaching is, let’s first review how goals are accomplished.

  1. Pick a target you want to accomplish
  2. Create a strategy to achieve the target
  3. Execute the strategy (or action) to accomplish the target

Now, this works great or goals that we know how to accomplish. But what about goals you want but don’t know what to?  Like doubling your income?  Or growing your company’s revenue 35% and working only 20 hours a week? Or creating more free time in your life? Or creating deeper more meaningful relationships?

What do you do then? This is exactly where coaching comes in.

Coaching is the process of expanding your capacity & potential (your mindset) so that you can uncover the strategy needed to accomplish a target you previously did not know how to do. In order to achieve a higher, never before hit target – the capacity & potential (mindset) must shift first.

Does mindset expand on its own? Yes. Can work towards your goals and accomplish goals yourself? Yes. Most people are successful and great in some areas and not as successful and great in others.  Where you’ll be challenged on your own is in the areas where you previously lacked success, because these areas can be called your blind spots, soft spots or weaknesses. We all have them, and they are usually what’s holding us back.  Most blind spots are based on past failures, beliefs or personality styles and are the primary limiting factor in expanding your capacity & potential (your mindset).

How do you know where you a soft spot (area needing improvement) is holding your limiting factor? Simple, any area of action in life or work where you experience negative emotion is an indicator of a limiting mindset.

A coach supports you 100% as you transform your soft spots in the areas of your life that you want to change. The end result is a higher-level version of you that operates at a stronger, more powerful capacity. It is in this area, mindset, that is the most difficult to see and change on your own.  Look at it this way, can you see your level of thinking in regards to your goals & actions?  Can you see the forest from the trees?  And yes, you can get advice (opinions) from another person, neighbor or mentor – but if they’re not a trained coach they’re just giving you’re their opinion on your life.


Perspective – The Greatest Power in Coaching

You can’t see the forest from the trees, and you can’t see the limitations of your capacity when you’re in the game. That’s why all sports teams have coaches, because players can’t see the entire picture when playing the game.

Would you like powerful input to help aim and accomplish goals that are 10x of what you’re currently aiming at?  Because remember, the only difference between a $100, $1,000 & $1,000,000 target is a different strategy. One strategy will generate $100, one strategy will generate $1,000 and another strategy will generate $1,000,000.

Don’t you deserve to be aiming at the best possible target?  What if aiming at a bigger target felt as natural and as easy as aiming at a lower target? That’s exactly where coaching comes into play, because it’s your capacity & justifications of your past reality that is creating the emotional restriction to playing at a higher level. It’s hard to change subconscious patterns on your own, but with a coach it’s easy. All it takes is willingness


Are you worth investing in?

How important is your life? Are you worth investing in? Would you like to move into a higher quality of life? Would you like a non-biased, non-judgmental resource on your side to help guide you thru discovering and stepping into the greatest version of you?  What would that be like? And what would that be like to those in your life that you care about most? Are they worth it?  What would life be like if the greatest version of you showed and moved into control of your life? What would that process be like? What would be possible then?